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July 7, 2020
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Grab A Career As A NASCAR Mechanic

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A career with NASCAR requires complete commitment. It comes with working hours that are not compatible with raising a family. However, once you've settled the commitment issue, a wide range of careers is available on the NASCAR racing circuit. Among the different types of jobs available with NASCAR, jobs for mechanics, car chief, fabricators, shock specialists, painters and engine assemblers are the most pursued.

NASCAR Courses

For a career as a NASCAR mechanic, you will need to enroll at the NASCAR technical institute (NTI), a branch of Universal Technical Institute of Arizona and the exclusive educational strategic partner of NASCAR. At the NASCAR Technical Institute (NTI), you are provided with an education that enhances your career to the next level. The institute is the first technical education school to officially combine a complete automotive technology education program with NASCAR specific courses. The institute offers a range of automotive technology courses that will jumpstart your career as an entry-level automotive technician.

The following are the specific-NASCAR Programs:
-Automotive & NASCAR Technology
-Automotive & NASCAR Technology w/ Pit Crew
-Automotive / NASCAR / Ford FACT Technology
-Automotive / NASCAR / Ford FACT Technology w/ Pit Crew
-Automotive Technology w/ NASCAR Engines I & II
-Automotive Technology w/ NASCAR Engines I & II + Pit Crew

The NASCAR Diversity Internship Program:
-Provides the opportunity for qualified candidates to work with NASCAR teams, sponsors, NASCAR'S sanctioning body and other motorsports-related companies.

-College and university students are given an employment stint in a ten-week summer program specially designed to give them a broader view of the world of NASCAR and the opportunities available in the industry.

The Job Of A NASCAR Automotive Technician

Automotive service technicians and mechanics have more complex jobs than a simple mechanic. Today, mechanics are required to analyze integrated auto electronic systems through complex computers and measure their performance on the road. An automotive service technician will need to study diagnostics and be high-tech problem solver.

You must have knowledge about how components work. You should have a knack for handling electronic diagnostic equipment and technical reference material. You should be able to use your technical skills to inspect, maintain and repair vehicles like automobiles and light trucks with gasoline engines.

Automotive technology has necessitated the need for technicians to keep abreast with the every changing world of technology, but at the same time maintain their skills with traditional hand tools. This change in the occupation has resulted in these mechanics being increasingly called "automotive service technicians".

Imagine the thrill of standing on the racetrack and watching the car you have nurtured hit the finish line ahead of the others. You will be proud to be part of a team who toiled so hard to realize a dream.


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