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August 23, 2020
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How Biofuels Are Moving Into Top Status As An Alternative Fuel Source

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Biofuels are made by taking matter and making it into fuel. I recently was watching dirty jobs on the discovery channel and saw an Isuzu pick up truck running on bio diesel. Now I thought to myself how in the world and what is bio diesel. Bio diesel is the oil from fryers like a restaurants deep fryer. The makers will take gallons of used vegetable oil and peanut oil basically any fryers oil and use them to make bio diesel. It is a long process but it only cost about 55 cents a gallon and gets about 40 mpg depending on the vehicle. I can't exactly remember how it was made but there was a chemical reaction with the methanol that made all the sludge stick to the bottom of the gallon and after that you have bio diesel.

Even though the government still has a long way to go to get these alternative fuels many Americans have already learned the chemistry to producing these fuels. A recent study by a Pacific Northwest university said that they cannot find a way to make the fuel as good as gas made from oil. Gas will only go so far but the bio diesel will go a long way because it is cheap to make and isn't hard to convert motors to run on them they just have to already be a diesel motor.

Biofuels are made by using matter from the environment to make a usable fuel to burn. These biofuels better to use then the fossil fuels that we burn every day. The bio fuels need to be able to use in cars or vehicles because that is where most of out fossil fuels go to. They need to make a way or fuel that can run in any car and can make it at a very cheap rate.

Even though it has a long way to go till everyone is using these there are still a few people in the United States who have these bio fuel labs in the garages at home. The study done up north by a university still cannot find out why they can't make a small amount of bio fuel and that is because you don't have the right properties. You are probably trying to use something with no significant bio value at all.

Even though the oil has been though in the stock exchange does not mean that we Americans cannot make something that can be used as an every day alternative, dropping all the oils prices are not going to do it because then people will continue to use them. The people just need to take the matter into their own hands and make something that can be used every day as a fossil fuel alternative. It isn't hard people are already using bio diesel every day. Nothing stopping them from making their own. The government knows how to make these fuels they just don't want to because they want to keep stealing all our money even though they are the ones printing the money.


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