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May 9, 2020
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Effective Ways to Deal with Car Paint Scratches

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Does your car have a bad case of road rash? The kind thats caused by small stones bouncing off your vehicle that you hardly notice? Has carelessness led to small scratches.

If so, pay attention to them. They may be invisible at first but if the paint chips and scratches run deep, youre in trouble. In the future these little scratches can lead to rust damage.

The owner and operator of Dr. paint chip says, there are several ways to fix these problems. The most common methods are paint blob and slurry, aside from using a sprayer.

Your technician would use the paint blob system in the past. Go to the parts store and find your cars pint pen color.

That is easier said than done. This technique is old and only works well with small scratches and chips. If there is allot of chips the process is vary time consuming. If done wrong the technique will leave a blob of paint and look worse then the chip.

Bode tells us that slurry is applied with a brush or sponge. Then excess paint is removed to give a polished look. While results are pretty good, Steve Bode revealed that they dont last long. In only a few weeks you must repeat this process.

Maybe youve tried buying the cheap touch-up paint at the local auto parts store. Youve pulled out that long brush that holds enough paint in one dunk of the bottle to cover half your bumper. You tap and maneuver the brush to get just enough paint on the tip to address the first few chips on your hood. Ever so carefully, you dab the tip on each chip, hoping to stay within the lines while watching the paint ooze beyond the area you intended to cover. You figure the paint will magically blend in once it dries. The next day you realize you gave your car a case of the measles, which now stands out more than the un-repaired chips, Steve Bode said.

There are many more home fix disasters out there. When the paint pen drips and bleeds to much paint, which happens when the tip is depressed, you lose control of the repair job. When it comes to several chips, don't even try it.

Steve Bode's rock chip repair in orange is an easy out for the mistake you could make. Orange County car paint repair will give your car the brand new look you want. It is even used by all the top dogs in the auto industry like Mercedes, GMC, Ford and Saturn.


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