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August 6, 2020
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Ford Escape: The Original Hybrid Developed In America

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The Ford Escape had the distinction of being the original American-made hybrid car. Originally scheduled for kick off in 2003, this vehicle was officially launched in 2004. The Escape is actually a full hybrid vehicle that either runs exclusively on electricity or gasoline or use both at the same time. It was created to fulfill the demand set by the drivers for optimal performance and fuel consumption. Although vehicles typically produce 67 pounds of pollutants for every 15,000 miles and trucks average 105 pounds, the Escape produces less than one pound of pollutants for every 15,000 miles.

Ford performed an ingenious thing by making its first hybrid as an SUV, which is considered as very American. The Ford Escape does appear to be an regular car. It did not have the image-problem that Honda previously had with their earliest hybrid. American customers were additionally impressed with Ford Escape and its improved fuel economy usage. The EPA analyzed gasoline consumption of the Ford Escape and it was 34/31 mpg making it 30% better than equivalent SUV's in its class. In case you are a shopper searching for a crossover vehicle that is safe for the environment, then the Escape is the right choice. Its fuel economy originates from the 153 horsepower four-cylinder engine that's powered by gas and an electric driven motor.

It features a steadily variable transmission as a result of a set of motors and generators. For this reason, the Escape Hybrid will be able to travel for 40 miles at 25 mph on total battery power. The optional all-wheel drive is provided in an uncommon way, by splitting power between the wheels using a mechanical differential. Many other hybrids achieve it in a similar way but with electric motors. Due to the unique design, the Escape does better off-road driving compared to similar hybrid SUV's. It also is better in all sorts of weather, thanks to its 8.5 inches of ground clearance. The body framework dates back to 2001, which is one issue with the Escape Hybrid, because it doesn't have the bounding, softer ride of the gas-only version.

The Escape includes a lot of glass which leads to minimal blind spots plus it has excellent head room but the back-seat leg room is a little tight. It looks nearly the same as the original Ford Explorer, and has an interior that looks more like a truck than a crossover. The entertainment features were upgraded in 2010 to have its SYNC controller, which handles phone and audio with voice commands. The bundle also features HD radio and Sirius Travel link for information over satellite radio.

If you are attempting to find an American hybrid that's a SUV then the Ford Escape is one place to start. Even though it may not have the best fuel consumption compared to other hybrids, it has considerably more room.


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