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Okay, this is just between us so be honest. Do you ever get lost when you are driving around town? You know, maybe you're looking for a new restaurant to try that you heard of, and you take a wrong turn and end up in the middle of nowhere. Honestly, getting lost every once in a while is something that happens to the best of us at one time or another.

17 Mar 20

Does your car have a bad case of road rash? The kind thats caused by small stones bouncing off your vehicle that you hardly notice? Has carelessness led to small scratches.If so, pay attention to them. They may be invisible at first but if the paint chips and scratches run deep, youre in trouble. In the future these little scratches can lead to rust damage. The owner and operator of Dr.

09 May 20

Classic car restoration is one of the most rewarding hobbies you can have. However, it does require quite a bit of know-how, patience, and planning. If you're thinking about buying a classic car - or if you're already working on a tough project - keep these eight critical tips in mind in order to get the best results from your classic car projects.1. Know your budget.

11 May 20

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03 Nov 20
"Get an additional 4 miles for each gallon with this product!""Federal Government Approved""20 percent fuel efficiency improvement!"As the gas prices keep soaring and the economy tumbling, you will see more of the above spread all over! They all promise to save you fuel and give better mileage.
30 Nov 20
The advances in technology in the past century have been extraordinary. From simple local communication abilities, to global, the world has been taking great strides in making technology a part of your daily life. The last few years have brought forth some truly unique technology, with the amount of wireless capabilities and products.
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18 Nov 20
If you've been looking for a system then you have probably been looking for an entertainment system as well. Vehicles today offer many different things to be installed like DVD players, CD players, multiple speakers, and even TVs; there are many different things. In addition to all of those there are more that are calling you to buy them. Most of these even offer mp3 connection.
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